Barb Gonzalez Photography | One-on-One Personalized Photo Lessons

One-on-One Personalized Photo and Camera Lessons


Lately people have been asking me for a little “help” to improve their photography.  I've spent years teaching people to use technology and I have that same simple style when I do photography workshops. 


For less than the price of a one-day workshop, in just a couple hours you can get the tips, reviews and lessons that fit your experience level and what you want to know. 


Photo Lessons , Camera tips,  Lightroom and Mac Photos lessons are available in and around Bend, Oregon. (I'm happy to travel elsewhere but we'd have to discuss travel expenses.)


Do you want to:

  • Learn more about your camera features and how to use them?
  • Learn to use Lightroom so you can always find your photos and edit with one click?
  • Learn to improve your photos in Lightroom with one-click using presets and plug-ins?
  • Learn how to take better photos on vacation?
  • Learn how to shoot night photography?
  • Learn how to shoot amazing river, and lake photos?
  • Learn about light and creative effects with your camera?
  • Learn how to get the best sunrise and sunset photos?
  • Get a photo review with personalized tips for improvement?

Contact me to set up a lesson. 


Get the most from the camera you purchased and learn to make better photos!