Barb Gonzalez Photography | About

From the day I received my first camera (was it the Asahi Pentax SLR or when I started taking pictures with an Instamatic?) I've always loved capturing pictures of the world as I see it. My favorite thing is when my photos tell a story and reveal the essence of a place or a time.  When I was young,  I often dreamed of being a travel photographer.  

Life happened and I consistently shot photos including occasional assignments to shoot pictures that were used on the set of TV shows and movies I worked on in various production positions. 

Since I paired up with travel writer John Gottberg Anderson, I've been able to live my dream of capturing the spirit of destinations. I love visiting new places and especially sharing the new experiences with readers of the stories. I still enjoy when photographers transport me to places I have never been and I hope to share my experiences to take others with me on my trips--whether they've never been there, or are reminded of places they've been.

My travel photography has been regularly published in Central Oregon newspapers including The Bend Bulletin and the Eugene Register Guard, as well as regional magazines. My photos are available for license to clients and one of my photos was used as the centerpiece for an Oregon Lottery campaign where my photos were on billboards, brochures, standees and more throughout the state.

As I like to capture the spirit of a place, I also love to tell the story of an event-- from Bar Mitzvahs to charity dinners, to film festivals, holiday events, parties, and even dog shows--I capture the feel of the event with candid shots that tell a story.

Product, food, and architectural photography allow me artistic expression and I am glad to be able to get creative with beauty shots for clients.

Thank you again for taking the time to check out my photos. I hope it transports you, moves you, or piques your curiosity and sense of wonder as it does for me when I take the photos.