Thank you so much for contributing to my crowdfunding campaign! 

If you have come to this page and have not yet contributed...for a short time I am offering my photos at substantial discounts as a reward for raising funds for a Kenya Safari in February 2015.  Go to GoFundMe to donate, then return to this page to learn how to redeem your campaign reward.  

How to redeem your Kenya Photo Safari Campaign Reward(s)

Note: The reward prices are a deep discount from my regular prices if you were to buy a print or other item from my photos, so please don't simply click on "buy" in the menu of a particular photo unless you want to buy it at full price.

  1. Choose from any photos on my website. I know, there are many so it may be overwhelming.
    To make it easier, I have put together collections of my most popular photos in a few categories at Kenya Rewards page
  2. Click on a photo to view it larger.
  3. Make note of the photo's name.


4.  Email me with the file name of the photo.  If it is a digital file, I will send it to the email address you indicate in the email. If it is a print, be sure that you have entered your mailing address when you chose your reward in the crowdfunding site.

Photos will be sent when payment is processed.

Of course, if you find other photos and you'd like to order prints, mugs or other goodies, feel free to order them using the "buy" button from the menu. You'll get a 30% discount using the coupon code: kenyarewards2015.